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Financial Data Has Arrived

Use standardized visualizations of club revenue & expenses to understand the financial performance of your club. Dive deeper into departmental analysis, historical data and budgets.

MetricsFirst Empowers Club Management

Kevin was a General Manager that knew his club business. What he wanted was evidence that his insights were correct, for both himself and the club’s board of directors. MetricsFirst was born to provide that business intelligence - creating actionable insights to make better evidence-based decisions for his club.

MetricsFirst Does the Heavy Lifting

We use multiple sources, most importantly your club management system, to mine the data your club needs. We do the data-mapping, bringing all of the data points together in one place and present them in visual dashboards for easy access.

MetricsFirst Provides Insights From Industry Leaders

GGA Partners, a leading private club consulting firm, works with MetricsFirst to establish the KPIs club management need for better business decision making.


“One of the biggest challenges clubs face in their quest for better strategy is the sourcing, analysis and visualization of important business intelligence.”

Derek Johnston, Partner, GGA Partners

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